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Information for account activation in EDIconnect B2B portal

This is the simple option, b2b portal that can be accessed using an username and password. It is dedicated to companies that have few documents per month (10-20 documents) to be exchanged with their trading partners or companies that don't have an ERP/accounting solution that allows documents import/export automation.

Web EDI  portal benefits:
•    All you need is a simple internet connection to exchange electronic documents with your trading partners;
•    Intuitive user interface that won't require any special IT experience;
•    The invoices will be sent via EDI without any need to print, sign, stamp and mail with a postal service;
•    Invoices statuses views: accepted / sent to payment / rejected;
•    Access to the portal is 24/7/365.

Automation with the ERP/Accounting solution - Don't you want to save valuable time?

If you want to save time by using automation on importing orders/receiving advices or on exporting invoices/dispatch advices using your ERP/Accounting software, please fill in the following information.

Benefits on ERP automation

•    Cost savings with paperless documents, printing, fax machines, mail services, phone calls and time spend over phone between your sales/accounting team members and the trading parter's team.
•    Workflow optimization by time saving for document processing (the entire workflow of exchanging documents like orders, invoices, etc will be automatically done between ERP/Accounting software systems allowing you to save time by not copying/filling in the information from web platform to accounting software and viceversa).
•    Improved data quality up to 100% on orders, invoices and other related documents. If any errors, you will be notified to operate proper corrections in time in order to keep to your cash-flow plan in accounts receivable.
•    Invoices will be sent by EDI means and you will not need to print, stamp, sign and mail it to your trading partner;
•    webEDI platform will be available to you as a backup solution just in case you encounter technical difficulties with your ERP / Accounting solution 24/7/365

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